Not wanting to put ads on my blog, I decided to start a store instead where my readers could purchase items to support my blog. You’ll find seeds lovingly collected from my garden along with other things. I focus on plants that provide a wide variety of benefits, particularly forage for pollinators. The seeds are all gathered by hand. After gathering, they are put in an intermediate spot outdoors where any insects in/on the seed heads have a chance to escape back into nature. We harvest only small batches of seed and don’t save seed from year to year. There is a limited amount of seed for each item.

Each seed packet is hand stamped and hand labeled, making each one unique. You can also purchase empty packets for your own seeds saved from the garden (singly or in lots of 10).

You will also find a other items in the Home and Garden section. These are generally unique, one of a kind items. I enjoy being creative in various ways, this is the section where I will make and sell those things. No two items will exactly the same. If you find something you like and want more than what is listed, contact me. I may be able to make additional items or custom items (like adding pockets to zipper pouches, different colored zippers, fabrics, etc.

Check back often, I have lots of ideas for future items: cheeseboards made with wood from our forest, square foot seeding templates, hand carved spoons, crocheted items, etc.