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About Me

Welcome, here you’ll find seeds lovingly collected from my garden. I focus on plants that provide a wide variety of benefits, particularly forage for pollinators. The seeds are all gathered by hand. After gathering, they are put in an intermediate spot outdoors where any insects in/on the seed heads have a chance to escape back into nature.

You will also find a section with other various items in the Fleeting Fancy section. These are generally unique one of a kind items. I enjoy being creative in various ways, this is the section where I will make and sell those things. No two items will exactly the same. If you find something you like and want more than what is listed, contact me. I may be able to make additional items.

This shop came to be in order to support my gardening blog. Ads were not something I wanted to distract from the content, so I decided to make my blog user supported. If you love and enjoy Chiot’s Run, you can make a donation through the link or purchase items from this market.

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